Body Hair Removal Products

Body Hair Removal Products





Body Hair Removal Products are parts of our everyday essentials. They remove unwanted hair and, at the same time, cleanses your skin and the pores. They enhance your hygiene habits by making you feel cleaner with smooth skin. They also prevent body odor and give a bright, appealing look to your skin. StyleCraze Reviews has a wholesome section of all kinds of body hair removal products that shall sail you towards your hair-free, glamorous skin.

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Types Of Body Hair Removal Products

Wax: The wax you use during waxing is not one of its kind. Of course, there is hot wax and cold wax, but did you know there is soft wax and hard wax? Well, let’s start at the beginning.
To use hot wax, heat the wax and when it liquifies, apply it on your skin in the direction of the hair, press a waxing strip over the area and pull it off in a jerk against the direction of your hair. Cold wax works the same way, except that it is liquidish at room temperature.

Then we also have soft and hard wax. Soft wax is what we have just discussed - liquider in consistency, and you only need a thin layer on your skin. Hard wax is used in sensitive areas. Here, a thick layer of wax is applied on your face or bikini line. The wax is pressed down, and moments later, when it solidifies again, pull it out in a jerk.

Unlike the regular wax, Chocolate Wax comes with its own sets of benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and is often infused with glycerin and other oils with anti-inflammatory properties. It is less painful as compared to traditional wax. And on top of it, the heavenly fragrance relaxes your body and mind.

Sugar wax is less known in the beauty-forward community, but it is the most organic waxing version. It has sugar, lemon, and hot water. It is used much like soft-hot wax. However, it doesn’t stick to the skin; it only removes hair. It is gentle on the skin, and unlike soft-hot wax, it can be used multiple times in the same area during the same session.

Waxing Strips: Waxing strips are usually soft-cold wax that comes pre-applied in a strip. All you gotta do is rub then between your palms, pull away from the guard sheet, press it on your skin, and pull it off against the direction of hair growth. It is an easy at-home solution when you are in a rush and do not have much salon time.

Razor and Shaving Gel: The oldest trick in the history of hair removal is shaving. Using razors is a bit tricky for a few reasons. For one, the hair grows back pretty fast. So, it’s more or less an everyday job. Then if you want a close shave, you have to shave against the direction of the hair, which later gives birth to ingrown hairs. Using a shaving gel makes all of it a little easier. However, shaving is only beneficial if you shave only a little section of unwanted hair; it becomes a tedious job for large skin areas.

Hair Removal Cream: Hair removal creams are a much easier and more effective alternative of shaving. Now, instead of using razor blades, you get to use a spatula. Just apply the hair removal cream and wait for it to weaken the hair within 5-10 minutes. Then you can ‘shave’ it off with the tiny spatula. As compared to shaving, hair grows back slower with hair removal creams. However, if you have sensitive skin, perform a patch test before using it and do not go out in the Sun immediately after using it.

Trimmer: Trimmers are mostly used on sensitive skin where pulling out of hair follicles in any form can be quite painful. The newest models of trimmers can trim hair as close as a razor. Trimmers come with specialized, sometimes detachable, ‘tops’ for use on the face or the bikini line.

Now which way of body hair removal will suit you the best depends on a lot of factors. Like, how much time you can spend on it, which area you would like to keep hair-free, how much coverage do you want, how often are you willing to groom, and how much are you willing to spend on it. Measure the pros and cons, and make your own choice. You can verify and understand all these factors with StyleCraze Reviews. It has a wholesome section of all kinds of body hair removal products that shall sail you towards your hair-free, glamorous skin.

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