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When stuck in the rush hours while returning home, the last thing you want is the smell of pollution, smoke, and shoes inside your car. Instead, imagine breathing fresh, mildly scented air while listening to calming music - the chaos outside seems so distant, doesn’t it? That’s the power of a good car freshener. Find the freshest-smelling car fresheners at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Indians spend 7% of their daily hours commuting to and from work. That is significantly higher than many other countries in the world. If that is the national average, imagine the condition in our metropolitan cities. And I think we can all agree that most of that time goes stuck in traffic and getting honked at by impatient drivers around us. But it can make the inside of our car a bit relaxing; these impatient times can become a little bit tolerable. And for that, we need just the right air freshener for the car and not something randomly bought from roadsides. So, how do you know which car freshener will suit you?

How To Choose The Best Car Freshener

Consider the following:

  • Longevity - Find out how long one unit of car freshener will last before you get one. You can get some stock accordingly. Plus it is also wise to consider how much value you are getting for the price you pay.
  • Features - An incense stick or an essential oil diffuser can add a nice scent to your surroundings. Mixed with the malodor of the air, it may not give you the best experience. A professional car refreshing formula will neutralize the existing smell in the air and add a subtle, lingering scent of freshness.
  • Fragrance - People can have unique choices when it comes to fragrances. However, a car is often shared by all members of the family and friends as well. So, it is best to get a natural scent like jasmine, lavender, mint, lemon, rose, etc. For special days like parties or date nights, you may occasionally use something musky as well. However, the fragrance must be subtle and not overpowering.
  • Control - The natural odor inside your car can differ day today. Stuck inside traffic, it will smell like dense pollution; but much less so when you are out on a long drive in the countryside. This is why the best car fresheners come with control that helps you increase or decrease the diffuse of the perfume from the container.
  • Reviews - Brands can only mention the features they are providing. But advertisements may make the benefits look more sparkly than they actually are. This is why users are the most reliable source of information for you. Read honest reviews on car fresheners on StyleCraze Reviews to make the best purchase as per your requirements.

Best Car Fresheners For Indian Cars

  • Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener – Exotic Jasmine
  • Ambipur Car Air Freshener Lavender Spa
  • Godrej aer twist - Musk After Smoke
  • Godrej aer twist - Fresh Forest Drizzle
  • Godrej aer twist - Rich Irish Cocktail


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