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There is no denying the fact that even the slightest mistake in picking the right brow product can lead you to create another eyebrow trend (refer to the feather eyebrow trend). But unless the fashion picks up, it is merely a makeup disaster. StyleCraze Reviews is here to help you set your brows just right. Visit the StyleCraze page to check out the array of brow products listed and rated. Our product pages contain all the information you\'ll need to decide and pick products that will best suit your needs.

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Did you know that the bold and dark eyebrow look was pioneered by Cleopatra, from the Ancient Egyptian era? Back then, there were no products specifically made to help enhance your brows. And that's why, the Egyptians and Greeks used black oxidizing substances, carbon, and black incense to darken their brows.

Thankfully, we no longer have to use oxidizing products to achieve the looks we desire. For the love of thick and bold brows, the makeup and cosmetic industry today have an array of products to suit our unique needs and desires.

But then again, how do you pick your best suitable product? Which factors come under consideration? Well, here's a breakdown of brow grooming products, what they do, and how to use them:


Pencils offer natural hair-like precision. They are easy to use and are an excellent option for beginners wanting to fill in their sparse brows. Pencils give you control over the application and allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the product. Most pencils also come with a built-in spoolie on the other end to help you blend the product and get the best results. It is best used for brows that are sparse, have gaps, and are asymmetric.

How To Use:

Always start applying the pencil from the sparser areas of your brows. This is done to avoid any heavy-handed drawing to appear unnatural. Keeping the precision in mind, start by applying small, feather-like, lighter strokes that mimic your brow hair. Finish by filling in the inner corners of the brows.


Brow Powders give a softer look when compared to other products. They are best for filling in sparse eyebrows, or for adding definition/depth and density to brows. Powders can also be topped over brow pencils to help them set and last longer.

How To Use:

For using brow powders, you'll need a slanted/angled brush. Pick the product on your brush, tap it a little to dust off the excess, and start sweeping the brush in the direction of your hair. Start with your arches and then move to the other parts for a more natural look. Once done, use a spoolie to settle the product and smoothen out the edges.

Pomade And Wax:

These products are similar to gels, but they do not hold the brows as firmly as gel-based products. Pomades and waxes add definition and drama to the brows, while also keeping them in place. These can be used by everyone, with sparse or thicker eyebrows.

How To Use:

Just like brow powders, use an angled brush for pomades also. Dip the brush into the product and dab a little on the back of your hand. Now start drawing short, feather-like strokes on the eyebrows, starting from the arch. Finish the look by brushing your brows with a spoolie.


Felt-tip Markers are greatly pigmented and saturated. They are a great option for creating depth and shape. They are great for both sparse and fuller brows and deliver a soft and natural look, instead of looking drawn on like a sharpie. Markers are long-wearing and help define the brows.

How To Use:

For beginners, choose a shade that is almost sheer to avoid looking unnatural. Draw hair-like strokes starting from the arch of the brows and finish with a spoolie to even-out the look.


Clear Gels are used to either just set the brows in place for a hold or to help hold other brow products in place. If you have full, thick eyebrows that don't need any product, the clear gel can help you define them and hold them in place.

How To Use:

Using the spoolie from the gel, brush the brow hair in the outward and upward direction. Once you achieve the desired shape, let the gel set and do its wonder.

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