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Do you think that eyeliners are not getting the kind of respect and honor they deserve for all that they can do? Yeah, we do too. Eyeliner can take your look from drab to fab in seconds. A simple stroke of matte eyeliner or a carefully drawn double-winged liner can add oodles of drama to your simple makeup.

However, we also acknowledge the fact that getting the simplest stroke right at the first go, and for both the eyes to match, takes more than a mere steady hand. While the results are more than satisfying, applying eyeliner can sure be overwhelming. Also, keeping up with all the different trends, types, and finishes of liners can be a serious task.

The first step towards becoming a pro at eyeliner application is to understand the different types available in the market and figuring out what works best for you. Here’s the breakdown:

Types of Eyeliners:

  1. Liquid Eyeliner: As the name suggests, these are liners with a runny consistency. Their consistency makes them difficult to master. They are equally good and bad for beginners and pros. The plus point is that you can easily erase any mistakes you make with liquid eyeliner. But, you will also have to wait for the liner to dry completely before you open your eyes. The trick is to look for the finest brush applicator or a foam applicator. These liners come in a variety of sizes, ranges, colors, and brush sizes.
  2. Pencil Liner: This is the most common type of cream-based eyeliners available in the market. You may have to use a makeup sharpener to get a pointy tip, or you can go for a retractable mechanical pencil. These pencils are also available in a variety of colors and types. Pencil liners allow easy and fully controlled application. They are also great for tight-lining and creating the smudged-liner smokey eye look.
  3. Gel Eyeliner: These liners have a consistency similar to that of a pencil/creamy liner, but they apply like liquid liner. They are easy to smudge when applied and last long without smudging or running. Gel liner can be applied on the waterline, used for tight-lining or creating a dramatic winged liner look, or smudged for the perfect smokey eye base.
  4. Kohl: Kohl is known for its incredible pigmentation and smooth, creamy texture. Because of their creamy texture, these liners are best for creating the smokey-eye look without having to tug the eyelid. But for the same reason, these liners are not great for winged eye looks and are not long-lasting.

Here Are Some Tips To Experiment With Your Eyeliner And Make It Last Longer!

  • You can make your eyeliner last long by topping it with an eyeshadow of the same shade. This sets your eyeliner in place.
  • To get the perfect wing with a liquid liner, line your eyes with a pencil liner before going in with the liquid. You can create the outline of the winged liner and then trace over it with your liquid liner.
  • When trying to match the winged liner on both the eyes, the trick is to line the difficult eye first and then replicate on the other easier one.
  • A magnifying mirror can come handy when trying to perfect your eyeliner look.
  • When doing a winged liner look, start by drawing the wing first. Once you get the wing right on both the eyes, go ahead and line your eyelids.
  • To create the illusion of a wing, you can just smudge your eyeliner outward.
  • For ease of application and precision, switch to a gel liner and use an angular brush.
  • Don’t follow popular opinion blindly. Although felt tips are easier to master, you may personally find it easier to apply liquid or gel liner. Experiment with different types of liners to find out what works best for you.
  • For liner mistakes, use concealer with a brush to erase the mistake and create sharp lines. You can also use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to correct mistakes.
  • Don’t just stop at watching a gazillion tutorials on winged eyeliner. Practice as much as you can, till you no longer need two hands to get the perfect wings on both the eyes.
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