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Find your fairness cream that will bring a smile to your face and confidence in your personality. Fairness solutions work on perfecting your skin first, then helps you reach the full potential of your natural glow, and only then it works to tone your skin color a shade lighter. You can do this assessment at ease going through the details of each fairness cream enlisted in StyleCraze Reviews.

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How Do Fairness Creams Work?

Before we go to fairness creams, let’s see how our skin gets its color. We get the color of our skin from melanin. It also gives color to our eyes and hair. Some people produce more melanin and hence they have a darker color. Certain environmental factors, such as direct exposure to sunlight, may boost the production of melanin on the skin resulting in darker patches called ‘tan’. Now, if you could stop the excess production of melanin, you would get a light shade of skin. This is the main principle on which fairness creams work.

The most effective ingredients commonly used are kojic acid and arbutin. However, both these ingredients have high irritancy ratings and are not suitable for sensitive skin.

The more viable options are glutathione and retinol. Glutathione is available naturally in organic sources but can be produced synthetically as well. Retinol (Vitamin A) is often used in anti-aging solutions. Both these ingredients are antioxidants and help in skin whitening.

Fairness Creams may also contain herbal extracts which naturally have anti-oxidant properties like papaya, mulberry, licorice root, etc. AHAs are naturally available in sugarcane, buttermilk, etc. They are chemically present as glycolic or lactic acid, These ingredients are healthy for the skin and also reduce the production of melanin.

Apart from solely skin-whitening ingredients, look for other skin-friendly ingredients like niacinamide, Vitamin C, SPF, Saffron, etc. which can make your skin naturally healthy and glowing.

Can All Fairness Creams Lighten Any Patch Of Dark Skin?

The short answer is ‘no’. The fairness creams you use on your face will not be useful in your underarms, or elbows, or your bikini line. Not saying that it will show absolutely no result, but it is important to understand the different requirements of dark patches at different sections of your body. The bikini area is much more sensitive; the neck or elbow area is much more stubborn; and most importantly the dark circles around your eyes are a whole different issue entirely!

Now, excessive or unjust use of fairness creams may lead to the following:

  • Thinning of the skin
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Hypersensitivity to sun and light
  • Rebound effect - darkening of the skin
  • Allergy or sensitivity

To reduce the risk of ‘feeling the wrath’ of fairness creams, avoid these ingredients - hydroquinone, mercury, lead, chromium, nickel, and excessive steroids.

Fairness creams have a reputation for making your skin sensitive. This problem can be mitigated by finding a night cream with a fairness solution. However, some fairness creams are meant to give you an instant glow. These creams may or may not be a long term solution. So, make sure you understand the scope of a fairness cream and tally its benefits with your requirement before you make a purchase. You can do this assessment at ease going through the details of each fairness cream enlisted in StyleCraze Reviews.


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