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The option ‘Product Finder’ available on the StyleCraze Product Analysis page helps you select a category that encompasses all skincare concerns along with the brand of your choice. It helps you select through the potential benefits, skin type, and safety ratings as well. This will help you find a product that benefits your addressed concern.

We, at StyleCraze Product Analysis, ensure that you receive the best for your skin. Hence, each product has a detailed analysis on our site, along with ingredient analysis, top reviews from trusted users, and safety ratings. The suitability scale displays how much ingredients of a product will suit your skin type. You can also look for a product on the ‘Product Finder’ search bar by simply mentioning your skin type, skin concern, brand, and a few more added filters.

The option ‘View Similar’ appears under the Product Summary menu on every product description page. Clicking on this will show you similar products that match the ingredients or benefits of your chosen product.

The ‘Compare’ option on the main menu or the ‘Compare’ and ‘Buy’ options are available on each product description page. It helps you to compare products that have the same benefits or ingredients, helping you make the best buying decision.

Where can I find Product Dupes?

The option ‘Product Dupes’ is available under the menu of ‘Ingredient Analysis’ on each product description page. This helps you find various products with similar ingredients in different price ranges.

To look for alternatives of a product based on similar ingredients and benefits, you can click on the ‘View Similar’ option available on the Product Summary dropdown on each Product Description Page. To find an alternative after comparing it with others, you can opt for the ‘Compare’ option on the Product Description Page. This will help you compare products that have similar ingredients and benefits from different brands and price ranges.

The list of ingredients of each product is put up from the updated versions available of the specific product. It is reviewed and approved by the StyleCraze Product Analysis Team before going live. However, sometimes a few errors might pop up. If anything catches your eye, please feel free to let us know about the same.

There are various ingredients used to curate a particular product. The ‘Overview of Top Ingredients’ enlists the most commonly used ingredients in skincare products. Each ingredient’s purpose and the skin types it works for is also mentioned for better understanding.

StyleCraze Product Analysis offers you various options and search bars to help you achieve the desired product. The ‘Categories’ option includes various skin conditions and benefits to meet your needs. The ‘Product Finder’ search bar also offers more filters like skin types, concerns, brands, benefits, etc. to ease your process to find the perfect match. Going through the trusted reviews, compare and buy, view similar options will help you make the right choice.

We do our best to keep you posted with the most valuable and authentic information. However, sometimes errors could show up. In such cases, please feel free to let us know and rectify it by mailing us at xyz@xyz.com.

All our products are researched, reviewed, and approved by our team members for it to be live and available on the site. However, sometimes errors do happen. Write to us for any such issues at @xyz@xyz.com.

As is their proprietary right, manufacturers do not need to mention all of the ingredients of a product on the label. But at StyleCraze Product Analysis, we refer to multiple sources to find out as much details about a product’s ingredient list as possible. Accordingly, we make our analysis with the data available at our hands. Sometimes, our sources could be incorrect or insufficient. If you do come across such instances where you have updated or more information about a product, please feel free to reach out to us at xyz@abc.domain. Your input will be valuable to make our analysis more accurate.

When a brand claims to be cruelty-free and does not have any logo to support their claim, it most often entails that they could not meet certain criteria to get certified. This means, at some level of product development, they are testing something on animals - it could be the agency where they source their raw materials from or the way they transport their goods or it could be many other ways. At StyleCraze Product Analysis, we do not list a product as cruelty-free unless they have been certified by one of the well-known agencies like Leaping Bunny, PETA, or Logical Harmony.

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