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We have all had those days when frizzy and dull-looking hair has ruined our entire appearance. A little frizz here and a little loss of shine there has always taken a toll on our looks. But Hair Waxes have always been a game-changer. Hair Waxes hold the hair in various hairstyles, adding texture and volume to the hair. They make the hair appear set all day long without budging. StyleCraze Reviews brings you the best hair waxes for your hair.

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What is a Hair Wax?

Hair Wax is extraordinaire in your hair care kit. Often made from animal-based or plant-based waxes, this gooey, thick-consistency formula makes dull hair days good and good hair days, even better. It amps up your hair game like no other. Hair Waxes deliver you the extra notch of everything that your hair deserves.

What does a Hair Wax do?

  • Hair Wax conditions your hair.
  • It adds volume to your hair, making it appear fuller.
  • It holds the hair and sets your hairstyle. It can be used to style your hair effortlessly.
  • It improves the hair texture and keeps hair structure defined.
  • It adds shine to the hair.
  • It keeps the hair bouncy without stiffening it.
  • It gives a healthy lift to the hair, making it appear naturally smooth and voluminous.

Types of Hair Waxes

The world of hair waxes and gels might feel a little overwhelming to start with. However, hair waxes are always a better choice to make as they do not dry out hair and add a little extra shine, making the hair look naturally glossy and hydrated. There are three major categories of hair waxes to choose from.

Mud Wax: A mud wax provides your hair with the extreme hold. It doesn’t budge your hair, keeping the texture well-defined and on point. It makes hair appear naturally fuller while giving it a matte finish.

Clay Wax: A clay wax is always an ideal go-to for thinning hairstyle. It adds immense volume and texture to the hair, thickening each hair strand individually. It ranges from a thick to creamy consistency. It is the best wax to achieve a stronger hold for a fuller and messier hairstyle.

Pomade: The most popular one on the block, Pomades provide a light hold with a glossy finish for the hair. It is ideal to achieve a sleek, neat hairstyle. It is categorized into oil-based and water-based pomades. While oil-based ones allow you more moldability, the water-based ones are less greasy and more user-friendly. Also, a water-based pomade is always easier to wash, unlike oil-based pomades.

How To Choose a Hair Wax
  • Consider the length of your hair i.e, short or long. Based on this, you will know the hairstyle you desire to create i.e, slick, or neat, or bouncy.
  • Determine how much hold, shine, and smell you desire to get. Also, consider how often you style your hair before choosing an ideal product.
  • Go through the popular brands of hair waxes.
  • Analyze your hair type and concerns. If your hair concerns are hair fall, dandruff, or split ends, consider buying a hair wax that helps with the concern or, at least, doesn’t aggravate your already existing hair problems.
  • Go through the ingredients list of the product you are buying. Be aware and understand the usage and suitability of the key ingredients for your hair.
  • Pick a budget-friendly product.
How To Style Using A Hair Wax

Using hair wax needs no professional help. It is an easy cakewalk to sweep wax through the strands of your hair using your fingers. However, there are a few steps to follow to achieve the desired hairstyles.

  • Hair wax can be applied to both wet and dry hair.
  • Spread the wax well on the palm of your hands and rub it between your fingers.
  • Melt the wax well before applying it to your hair.
  • Brush your hair with your fingers while working the wax evenly through the hair strands.
  • Style hair as desired.
  • Do not remove styling wax from hair by brushing it out. Use a shampoo to wash the wax out properly.
  • Do not leave the wax on your hair for many days. It will cause damage to the hair.
  • Use only the required amount of hair wax. Do not overdo it.

A little wax does no harm, but only adds gloss and the lost charm to the hair. Flip your hair with confidence with the best waxes trending now.

Best-selling Hair Waxes for Men:
  • Ustraa Hair Wax for Styling
  • Beardo Creme Powder Hair Wax
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax
  • TIGI Bed Head B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax
  • Gatsby Leather Styling Wax
  • Set Wet Hair Wax
Best-selling Hair Waxes for Women:
  • Bedhead Manipulator for Women
  • Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Spray Wax
  • TIGI Bed head Hair Wax Stick
  • Giovanni Wicked Texture Wax
  • Aveda Anti-Humectant Hair Wax
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