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Lipstick is undoubtedly the best makeup invention. It is that no-effort makeup product that takes your look from 0 to 100 in just a second. It adds a dash of color to your face and helps you pull off with a 'no-makeup' makeup look without looking drab.

But, all this has a lot to do with the shade and finish you pick up. The wrong lipstick can ruin your look. So, here's a guide that can help you pick the perfect lipstick.

A Quick Guide For Choosing The Right Lipstick:

The shade of the lipstick you choose for yourself has the power to make or break your look. Although you might have a few favorites, wearing the same ones to every occasion can get a bit boring. There are many shades and finishes of lipstick that you can try out to add freshness to your look. Here's a quick guide to help you experiment with lipstick while still staying in your comfort zone:

How To Choose The Right Lipstick According To The Skin Tone:

  • Fair Skin Tone: Cool tones are your best bet. The shades that fall under the cool tone category will compliment your skin tone and not wash you out. Some colors you can try out are bright pinks, reds, corals, and oranges. You can also go for nude shades for a subtler look.
  • Wheatish Skin Tone: People with wheatish skin tone can go for both light and dark shades of warm-toned colors. A few shades you can play around with are cinnamon, nudes, coral, maroon, red, and bronze.
  • Dark Skin Tone: While a lot of colors compliment dark skin beautifully, earthy shades are your best friends. Also, you can never go wrong with bold dark shades like maroon, berry, deep purples, and magenta.

Understand And Choosing The Right Finish Of Lipstick:

A lipstick's finish matters a lot. Here's why:
  • Creamy, Moisturizing Lipsticks: These lipsticks are non-drying. Thus, they are great for anyone with dry, chapped lips. Ingredients like vitamin E, glycerine, and aloe gel help lips heal and stay moisturized.
  • Satin And Sheer Finish Lipsticks: These lipsticks, along with being creamy in consistency, also add a hint of shine and gloss to the lips.
  • Matte Lipsticks: Matte lipsticks have been trending for quite some time now. These lipsticks are the most pigmented and do not have any shine or shimmer. They are available in every shade imaginable and a range of formulas and finishes like liquid, cream, and metallic.
  • Frosted And Pearl Lipsticks: These lipsticks are very similar to satin finish lipsticks. They make your lips sparkle and glisten.
  • Long-Wearing, Transferproof Lipsticks: These lipsticks have a lot to do with their lasting power. If you do not like touching up your lipstick frequently, these lipsticks are your best bet. Long-wearing lipsticks are available in every type of finish and consistency, and they stay put for at least 5 to 8 hours.

Choosing The Shade Of Lipstick According To The Occasion:

  • Nudes: Nudes are for almost every occasion and every skin type. You can flaunt a nude lipstick on a 'no-makeup' makeup look, to office, for brunch with your girls, or to tone down your heavy eye makeup for a marriage function.
  • Brighter Shades like Red, Pink, Plum: These are colors that will get you all the attention. So, whether it is a party, a wedding or a special day at work, flaunt these lip colors to show your bold and confident side.
  • Metallics And Glosses: Weddings are the best occasions to flaunt metallic, glossy, and frosty lipsticks. They make you stand out and get noticed without any extra effort.
  • Peach, Coral, And Rose Pink: These are some shades that are perfect for family get-together and dinner parties.
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