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The manufacturers are working day and night to get you the best makeup items that you may need. But even then, none of these products are custom-made for you. Beauty and makeup experts are creating beautiful content to tweak these products to create something uniquely useful. And to encourage the art of makeup, makeup bases have come to the market, allowing you to explore your creative self. They are yet not available in abundance, but StyleCraze Reviews has the list of the best ones.

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What Are Makeup Bases?

Makeup bases allow you to tweak your makeup items such that it suits your need better. You can change the consistency of your makeup or alter the finish that it would offer. You can even have added benefits like moisturization or longer-lasting benefits. It is a great add-on for makeup enthusiasts that help them upgrade their game and showcase their talent.

How Do Makeup Bases Work?

Different makeup bases give different benefits. For instance, it may be used for the following:

  • Change the consistency of the makeup to ease application.
  • Change the texture or consistency to use it differently. For example, using an eyeshadow as an eyeliner after you blend it with a base gel.
  • Add a boost of extra hydration or SPF or anti-aging benefits to the makeup.
  • Make makeup last longer on your skin.
  • Make makeup waterproof and smudge-resistant.

Who Needs a Makeup Base?

If you have an imaginative mind and want to explore the art of makeup, makeup bases will be your dear friend. If you consider yourself a minimalist and want to utilize one product in several ways, a makeup base can be a great help. More practically, makeup bases are used when you want to match your desired color palate. For example, say you want your eyeliner and eye shadow to be of the same color - what do you do? Seek solutions with makeup bases! Sometimes, with dry skin, you do not find the right primer with the right amount of moisturization, or the brand that claimed to be waterproof fails to live up to the claims. To rescue you from all of it, you have makeup bases.

However, different makeup bases perform different functions. So, read the features carefully before you make a purchase.

Best Makeup Bases Available In India
  • NYX Professional Makeup Multitasker Mixing Medium
  • Inglot Duraline
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