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Blushes are the makeup world’s unsung heroes. Blushes add dimension and color to face. It makes you look lively and full of spirits. Choose the perfect blush from the vast, informative catalog of StyleCraze. Don’t forget to check out the reviews to know if the product stands to its claim.

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Blushes are the makeup world’s unsung heroes. With a single swipe of a subtle blush, your entire makeup look can brighten up. Blushes add dimension and color to face. It makes you look lively and full of spirits.

When you use a medium to full coverage foundation and concealer on your face, you not only cover the imperfections but also hide your natural glow. Adding a blush helps your makeup appear more natural and skin-like.

But without the right blush, it could do just the opposite - it could look unnatural and ‘fake’. Here’s what you need to know about selecting the right blush for you.

Blush Shades And Undertones:

Just like every other makeup product, the shade of the blush you choose also has to be matched with your undertone. Matching the blush shade to your undertone will make it look more natural. Depending on the occasion of wear, you can decide which finish you want to opt for. You can choose from- matte, sating, and shimmer finishes.

For Warm Undertones:

If the veins on your body appear green, that means you have warm undertones. Shades like gold, warm pink, and peach will make you look vibrant.

For Cool Undertones:

If the veins on your body are blue/violet, you have cool undertones. The blush shades that will best compliment your tones are reds, cool pinks, and mauve.

For Neutral Undertones:

If your undertone is the same as your skin tone, i.e. the veins are barely visible, then you have a neutral undertone. The best shade for your blush will be a ‘pinker’ shade of your natural skin color.

Warm Neutral:

You can experiment with shades like oranges, corals, and shimmery golds.

Cool Neutral:

You can try shades like blue-based oranges and reds, and pinks and mochas.

How To Apply Blush According To The Blush Type:

There are five types of makeup blushes. Which one will suit you the best depends not only on your skin type but also on your makeup skills.

Powder Blush:

It is the most popular type of blush. Because of its powdery nature, a powder blush is an excellent match for oily skin. It adds a sheer, translucent glow to the face, without looking overpowering. Proper blending requires skill and patience. Powder blushes last long and give a polished, matte finish.

How To Use:

To use a powder blush, you require a fluffy blush brush. Pick up the product on your brush, and tap the brush a little to dust off excess product. Tap on the apple of your cheek and then start blending in circular motions. To neutralize the effect, place a tissue on your cheek and dab it with a damp sponge a few times.

Cream Blush:

A cream blush is more effective than a powder blush and is easier to work with. Because of its creamy consistency, it is an ideal choice for people with dry skin. It blends easily and can be applied with either fingers or brushes.

How To Use:

Cream blushes can be applied with either brushes or fingers. Use the stippling blush brush and place the product on your cheeks and blend using your fingers. You can also skip the brush and work with your fingers. The warmth of your fingers will melt the cream blush and blend easily.

Water-Based Cheek Tint/Cheek Stain:

Cheek tint blushes are widely used by Korean women who are admired for their natural-looking flushed cheeks. The water-based cheek tints are low on pigmentation, look absolutely natural, and lasts really long. These blushes are extremely lightweight and get absorbed quickly. These blushes work amazingly for all skin types.

How To Use:

The best way to apply these tints is with fingers. Dab a little product on your cheeks and work it in circular motions to blend seamlessly.

Stick Blush:

A stick blush is ideal for beginners. It has the consistency of a creamy blush with an ergonomic hold that eases the application. It is useful for use on the go or for a quick makeup look. It is best suited for normal to dry skin.

How To Use:

Sweep the blush stick across your cheeks and blend using fingers.

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