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Primer is one of the most crucial steps towards achieving a flawless base. It creates a layer between your skin and makeup for perfect makeup application. Primers help in evening out your skin tone, smoothen the skin’s surface, fills in large pores, and help makeup last longer. They also hydrate your skin and help in oil control, depending on your skin type.

To help you choose the right primer, StyleCraze Reviews has reviewed and rated a vast range of face primers. Figure out your skin type and check out which primers will work best for you. Also, see what other people have to say about these primers and how they perform.

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What’s your excuse for skipping makeup primer? Is it that you’re convinced you don’t need one? Or you’re not sure of which primer to pick for yourself? Or maybe you don’t know how to use it?

Although primer has been around for quite a long time, it is still shrouded in mystery. There are many types of primer available in the market, and there are different primers for different parts of your face. There are different primers for various skin concerns as well, and ones with SPF. All this is sure to leave most of us confused!

Once you move past all the confusion and figure out which primer works best for your skin, there is no going back. Makeup primers come with so many benefits that you will not want to start doing your makeup without prepping your skin with it ever again.

So, here’s most of what you should know about makeup primers.

Face Primers According to Skin Types:

Different types of primers fulfill different purposes like reducing spots, controlling oil, hydrating skin, etc. Just like every other makeup and skin care product, primers are also available for different skin types and target specific concerns.

  • Primers For Oily Skin: Primer is an important step before makeup for people with oily skin. Primers meant for oily skin control shine and oil production and help the makeup last longer and stay flawless. Also, these primers are lightweight, oil-free, and do not clog your pores. Silicone-based primers are an excellent option for this skin type, but not for those with acne. Also, mattifying primers are great for oily skin.
  • Primers For Dry Skin: A good hydrating primer will keep your skin hydrated and prevent your makeup from settling into fine lines and accentuating dry patches. Primers that are designed to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize the skin are ideal for your skin type. Avoid primers that have a matte finish. Instead, look for ones that provide a dewy or velvety finish.
  • Primers For Combination Skin: It can be a bit tricky to find a good primer for combination skin as it is partly oily and partly dry. For this skin type, you need a primer that does not overly dry or mattify the skin but is also not excessively hydrating or moisturizing. The trial and error method can come handy when you start your research. The perfect type of primer for your skin type will even out the texture of your skin and make makeup application flawless.

Types Of Primers According To Finish:

  1. Mattifying Primer: These silicone-based primers are best suited for combination/oily skin types. These primers control both shine and oil and have a matte finish without clogging pores or feeling heavy.
  1. Tinted or Color-Correcting Primers: These primers are great for evening out the skin tone and for color correcting. They are great for normal skin with small pores and less texture. Different types of tinted primers are available for a range of skin concerns.
  1. Illuminating Primers: These primers add a glow and radiance to your dull skin. They are perfect for creating that lit-from-within look.
  1. Hydrating Primers: These primers are best suited for people with dry, dehydrated skin. These primers prevent your makeup from settling into dry patches and lines, and keep your skin hydrated and glowing for hours.

Primers For Eyes, Lips, And Lashes:

  • Eye Primer: These primers are a boon for eye makeup. They prevent eyeshadow from falling out, fading, creasing, and smudging. Eyelid primer also helps your eye makeup last longer.
  • Lip Primers: These primers neutralize your lip’s color, help your lip color pop, and last longer. Lip primers also prevent the lipstick from bleeding or feathering.
  • Eyelash Primer: This primer amplifies the effect of your mascara and adds extra volume, length, and density to your lashes. It also makes your lashes look fresher for longer.
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