The mascaras that lengthen your lashes may also clump them, or they may add volume but smudge a lot. Finding a mascara that does it all can be tough. Visit Stylecraze Reviews to explore a range of mascaras of different types and with different wands. You will find options for both high-end and drugstore brands, mascaras that are new in the market and ones that have been around since forever. Check out their descriptions, what they are good at, how people have rated them, and what people are saying about them.

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When it comes to mascaras, what do you want most? Length, volume, definition, or curl? Can’t pick just one? Me neither! The mascaras that lengthen your lashes may also clump them, or they may add volume but smudge a lot.

Finding a mascara that does it all can be tough. Also, even if you can pick just one, it is still hard to find that one mascara with the perfect wand that does its job and stays put for hours. The fix to this problem is to understand the different types of mascaras and their wands available in the market, what they do, and how to mix products to get the desired results. Here’s everything you need to know.

Types of Mascaras:

  1. Fiber Mascara: Fiber mascaras are best for sparse and thin lashes. They usually come with a dual-phase system comprising of a fibrous primer and a lengthening/volumizing mascara formula. The primer deposits tiny fibers on your lashes on the application to create volume. The black mascara helps lengthen and define your lashes for a thicker, fuller appearance.
  2. Lengthening Mascara: These come with specially designed brushes that deposit the product at the tips of your lashes. This creates an illusion of lengthier lashes. They also define your lashes.
  3. Volumizing Mascara: These mascaras have a thicker, waxier formula. Upon application, the mascara adds thickness and depth to thin and sparse lashes, making them appear thicker and fuller. The brush carefully coats every lash with product to bulk it up.
  4. Curling Mascara: Straight lashes prevent your lashes from appearing longer and fuller. Curling mascaras come to the rescue with their lifting formula and curling brush. Their thick formula enhances the natural curve of your lashes and holds the curve created by a lash curler.
  5. Waterproof Mascara: These mascaras are great for summer, monsoon, people whose eyes water a lot, and athletes. These highly-processed formulas stay intact for hours, without smudging or running. They can also survive constant rubbing of eyes. Waterproof mascaras need oil-based makeup removers to remove them.
  6. Mascara Primer: Mascara primers, like every other primer, create the perfect base for mascara application. These primers are designed to improve the results of mascara, while also conditioning, defining, and volumizing your lashes to some extent.

Types of Mascara Wands:

  1. Classic Comb-like Wand: This is the most popular type of wand as it adds both volume and length while defining and separating the lashes. Also, the design of the brush ensures that every lash gets coated with product, even the tiniest lashes in the inner corner and bottom lashes.
  2. Curved Wand: As the name suggests, these wands are created to curve the lashes. The comb ensures that the lashes stay separated and don’t clump up. The trick to get the most out of these wands is to deposit the most product at the root of your lashes to lift them while also making them appear fuller. Depositing product on the tips will weigh down your lashes.
  3. Thick/Fat Brush Wand: Thicker the wand, thicker the lashes. Thick and dense brushes do the perfect job of filling in sparse and thin lashes, making them look fuller and volumized.
  4. Micro Brush Wands: Yes, thick brushes are great. But, micro brushes have their own benefits. While they will have to be run through your lashes several times to create volume and density, they are great for creating a subtle look. Also, they are a great option for someone with thicker lashes who wants definition and drama.
  5. Ball Brush Wand: These are a new addition to the mascara world. These wands are tiny and guarantee complete coverage. They cover the lashes from root to tip and coat every lash with product, making them look thicker and fuller.
  6. Ball Tip Wand: These are classic brushes with a ball tip at the end. They are designed to reach the hard-to-reach inner corners and for smudge-free application on the lower lashes.

How to Apply Mascara

Applying mascaras to create the drama you desire is not rocket science, but it does require getting your basics right. Here’s what to do to get the most of your mascara:

  • Understand your requirement and pick the right mascara, one that will do exactly what you want it to do.
  • Prep your lashes with a lash primer/primer mascara. You can skip this step if you don’t want to use a primer.
  • Another optional step is to use a lash curler. Curl your lashes before applying mascara to avoid creating a mess.
  • Pull the mascara wand out of the tube and get rid of any excess product at the tip of the brush. Do not pump it several times. This fills air in the tube and makes your mascara clumpy.
  • Starting at the roots of the lashes, start applying mascara by wiggling the wand, working your way to the tips of the lashes.
  • Try and deposit more product at the roots than at the tips to avoid weighing down your lashes. Also, more product at the roots will make your lashes appear fuller and denser.
  • Repeat the steps on the lower lashes. You can switch the wand or the mascara if you want to get precise application on the lower lash line.
  • Repeat the process for a second coat if you wish to add more volume.
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