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When you sleep at night, your cells regenerate more actively - that is to say, your cells repair faster. What will happen if you could give an accelerant to that? If you could give your skin boosts of hydration and nutrition during the night, you could even see visible changes when you wake up. This is where a night cream comes into play. A night cream is ideally a potent formula that stays on your skin overnight and repairs it, often to give anti-aging and moisturizing benefits. At StyleCraze Reviews, there are many night creams which are explained in detail along with their ingredients and benefits. Thorough research will help you find your best match!

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Why night cream? Isn’t a moisturizer enough?

A moisturizer is for treating dryness on your skin and thus, it is to make your skin smooth and supple. When it has added ingredients, it may give added benefits to resolve your skin concerns. But here’s the limitation - moisturizers are short-lived on your skin and they also share the space with other makeup products and sunscreen. Thus, they are not fully capable to give your skin what it deserves. On the other hand, night creams are applied over bare skin (or over a toner) and then nothing goes on top. They come in special formulas with compact doses of nutrition, hydration, moisture, and skin-repairing agents. They work on your skin overnight and do wonders for your natural glam.

A good night cream is just as essential as a good night’s sleep.


Understand the challenges your skin is facing before you decide on a night cream. A night cream is capable of taking care of multiple factors. So, jot down the skin issues you want to address like moisturization, hydration, anti-aging, whitening, anti-pigmentation, nutrition, etc. Now, you need to match the beneficial ingredients to your concern. So, what exactly should you look for?

Hydration and Moisturization: Moisturizing the skin is not the same as hydrating it. Moisturization works on your skin from outside by making it soft and supple. Hydration makes your skin look fresh and spirited. It keeps your skin healthy. Look for hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, petrolatum, alpha hydroxy acids, etc.

Maturing Skin: The most important and frequently sought out benefit from a night cream is its anti-aging benefits. Wrinkle, sagging skin, lack of glow, fine lines, etc. steal your youthful glow faster than you would like. Retinol is almost like a magic ingredient that combats these issues. Herbal ingredients containing vitamin C & E like lemon, papaya, etc. are traditionally used and now have found their places in professional formulae as well. Amino acids and collagens assist in skin repair, preserving your youthfulness.

Pigmentation on Skin: To remove blemishes, pigmentation from the skin, or to attain a brighter/whiter complexion, you need ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin like kojic acid, retinoid, hydroquinone. Glutathione, available in many organic sources, can also be produced synthetically and is well-known for its skin-whitening benefits. Vitamin B is non-negotiable for healthy-looking, glowing skin.

Acne-issues: Acne is a result of clogged pores that serve as a breeding ground for acne-causing germs. After a pore cleanser/toner, you need a night cream that will fight the growth of these germs and prevent their return to the skin. Here we are looking at salicylic acid and, if you would rather choose a herbal alternative, then tea tree oil or aloevera. Do check the comedogenicity rating of the product before purchasing it.

Night Creams encompass several skin benefiting factors in various combinations. Do not settle for any less when it comes to a night cream. It is one of the most important skincare products along with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Thorough research will help you find your best match!


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