With everything changing around us, certain things have held us close to our roots and values. One such treasure is Sindoor. In Indian households, Sindoor has had very valuable importance. Its essence has been a sacred symbol for every married woman’s identity. With the makeup industry pacing up, the formulations of sindoor have also evolved, but its sanctity has remained the same. StyleCraze Reviews brings to you the best of sindoors to ensure every married woman’s beauty and faith are safe and protected.

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Sindoor is the symbol of marital status for many ladies in India. It is made from vermilion and is applied along the parting of a woman’s hair. It was traditionally made with turmeric, lime, or alum. Today, it is made with red lead, orange-red pigments, vermilion, and a powdered form of cinnabar. The powdered form of cinnabar is where mercury sulfide occurs naturally. Sindoor with various compounds of mercury is toxic and hence, should be applied carefully.

Uses of Sindoor

  • The act of applying sindoor after marriage is followed as a daily ritual and is identified as female energy.
  • The color red of the sindoor signifies blood, strength, and fire.
  • According to cultural beliefs, sindoor strengthens a woman’s bond with her husband.
  • Some sources claim that the presence of mercury cools down the body and relaxes the woman.

Today, sindoor is available in various forms such as powder sindoor, liquid sindoor, and stick sindoor. There are also natural and herbal sindoor formulas available. Here are some of the most trending ones.

Best Liquid Sindoors

  • Lakme Jewel Sindoor
  • Coloressence Aqua Sindoor
  • Blue Heaven Xpression Sparkle Sindoor
  • Colorbar Sindoor

It is ideal to opt for a herbal or natural sindoor since they don’t cause any harm to the skin and hair. They are made of natural ingredients and are free of toxins.

Best Herbal Sindoors

  • Oshea Herbals Mystic Herbal Sindoor
  • Jovees Herbal Sindoor
  • Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sindoor
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